Bloomberg HT "Main News Bulletin" Live Stream

Barış Esen and PCI Checklist founding partner Kıvanç Harputlu discuss how to keep credit card information and personal data safe against cyber-attacks.

New product from PCI Checklist: Onboarding Security Scan

PCI Checklist releases its newest product ‘Onboarding Security Scan’ that scans cyber security for e-commerce websites.

Unstoppable Online Travel of Credit Cards

Kıvanç Harputlu carefully explains the recent developments in financial technology and cyber security. He also adds how businesses and individuals can shield themselves from cyber attacks.

Bloomberg HT "Financial Technology" Live Stream

PCI Checklist founding partner Kıvanç Harputlu answers Sefer Yüksel's questions on e-commerce security issues and how business can take precautionary measures.

Covid 19 and Cyber Security

PCI Checklist founding Partner Kıvanç Harputlu gives tips to businesses about how they can catch up with security requirements during Covid 19.

Cyber Security Checklist for Remote Working

Covid 19 has increased home offices all around the World. PCI Checklist founding partner Kıvanç Harputlu sheds light on important points about cyber security during times of remote working.

"Financial Technology" with Kıvanç Harputlu and Mustafa Emre Aydın - Bloomberg HT

PCI Checklist founding partners Kıvanç Harputlu and Emre Aydın on their second appearance in "Financial Technology" discuss cyber-security risks and consumer awareness in online shopping.
workup isbankasi

PCI Checklist becomes Maxis's new investment of 1.1 Million TL - Webrazzi

PCI Checklist becomes the first Workup graduate to receive funding from Maxis GSYF.

Ekotürk TV "Economy of Everything" Live Stream - Ekotürk TV

Founding partner Kıvanç Harputlu explains how PCI Checklist provides solutions to e-commerce sites, addressing the core problems at fighting against security threats for e-commerce websites.

PCI Checklist PCI Checklist Business HT Live 'FinTech' Live Stream - Business HT Live

PCI Cheklist founding partners discussed e-commerce security on Business HT Live's "FinTech".

ONLAYER Bloomberg HT "Financial Technology" Live Stream - Bloomberg HT

PCI CHECKLIST founding partners Kıvanç Harputlu and Emre Aydın, answered Sefer Yüksel's questions on 'Financial Technology'.

Secure with PCI Checklist - Hürriyet

Security is the primary cause for concern while shopping on e-commerce websites. Large businesses spend exorbitant sums of money to take security precautions. What about small businesses? The Turkish startup PCI Checklist solves this problem.

Founding partner of ONLAYER Kıvanç Harputlu explains the details at Workup Demo Day - Webrazzi

On the graduation day for the 4th iteration of Turkish İş Bank's Workup program, we talked with the founding partner of ONLAYER, Kıvanç Harputlu.

PCI Checklist: The SaaS that provides real time security monitoring for FinTech businesses - egirişim

PCI CHECKLIST, one of the startups in the 4th iteration of İş Bank's expedition program Workup, is a SaaS enterprise that provides real time security monitoring for banks, e-commerce businesses and other entities in the FinTech ecosystem.

PCI CHECKLIST gets selected to join İş Bank's Workup program from 3255 applications - Webrazzi

The 4th Workup startup program has started. The program started in May 2017, and this year it hosts 12 new startups.