E-commerce Security Accelerator

96% of all data breach cases on e-commerce sites stem from the vulnerabilites within the sites themselves, not from the POS provider (Source: Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report). 59% of the targeted websites cease to exist as a result of these breaches and face serious charges.

PCI Checklist provides PCI-DSS v3.2.1 centered real-time analysis and reporting of external vulnerabilites on e-commerce sites to prevent data breaches.

Real-time Security Compliance: PCI Checklist administers the PCI-DSS focused external security scans of e-commerce sites from 50+ main locations with 1000+ scanned vulnerabilities in real-time. Correlating the results of these scans with hacker behaviour, PCI Checklist prioritizes the found vulnerabilities and presents the end results to client.

Reporting and Solution Articles: Current state of the system security, known vulnerabilities and risk scores are reported at regular intervals. In addition to the potential problems presented by currently known vulnerabilities, solutions to such problems are shared with the client.

Attack Surface: An attack surface is determined with respect to the subdomains and domains of an e-commerce site and elements having potentially high risk are reported.

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