Who We are

The story of ‘why’ begins at 2004...

Since then, we provide data center and system engineering services, as well as network software solutions for our clients. During this time, we’ve gained expertise in Fintech infrastructures and cybersecurity, especially focusing on PCI-DSS certification audits. We were able to achieve a 100% success rate in first certification audits, while the global average is 13%.

Every company with a security agenda in mind starts with good, hard intensions, even that 13%. Yet by experience, we’ve learned that achieving initial hardening in cybersecurity creates a misleading comfort zone that ends up getting ignored, unmaintained, and eventually resurfaced in the following audits.

That’s why we’ve come up with a method to sustain the security needs of a PCI oriented infrastructure in real-time.

It became imperative that we build a control mechanism to identify and solve this sustainability problem for our own customers. This led our development team to handcraft specialized tools. So we’ve built this collection of services for our own use.

Eventually it became the ‘the reference list’ for realtime security checks. That’s why we call it the PCI Checklist.

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Cem Karaca

Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Senior C/C++ programmer

  • Video On-Demand as a Thesis Project for Master’s Degree

  • Writer of Indexed Articles about Network Protocols

  • Owner of a FinTech DataCenter for 15+ years

  • Owner of Turkey’s First PCI-DSS Service Provider License

  • Writer of GNU/Linux Technical Book

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Emre Aydın

Ongoing Doctorate in Astronomy and Space Sciences

  • CTO of a Fintech DataCenter for 10+ years

  • Senior Python Programmer

  • Senior TSM Software Developer

  • Certified HSM System Administrator

  • Writer of GNU/Linux Technical Book

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Tunç Yıldırım

Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Engineering at METU

  • PCI DSS Implementation Awareness Training License

  • Senior PCI-DSS Consultant

  • FinTech Focused System Engineer for 5+ years

  • Specialization in Pentesting and Vulnerability Assessment

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Kıvanç Harputlu

Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Engineering at METU

  • Sales Manager of a Fintech DataCenter for 3+ years

  • Sales Expertise in PCI-DSS System Topologies and Cyber Security Devices

  • Former Business Development Manager at Intel Capital’s First Investment Company in Turkey

  • 5+ Years experince in Digital Media and Copyright Agreements

  • Professional Radio Host, Presenter and StoryTeller for 10+ years